Clear Coat

Superior 150HS clear coat 2:1

Code : 62944, 62945

Specification :

Superior 150HS is a high solid very easy to apply polyurethane clear coat for car refinishing. After application, it acts as a very fast-drying clear coat and a high-gloss is reached. It is applied directly over the base layer 15 - 20 minutes after solvent evaporation. It is recommended to apply a light first coat followed by two further coats in criss-cross pattern. It is important to allow time for evaporation between coats. It may be diluted up to 25% of thinner by increasing its yield. It may be also very easily sanded as well as polished to eliminate possible imperfections. It has excellent performance in both air or spraybooth drying. Great versatility in different temperature or humidity environments. Complimentary products: Dual Matt Clear Coat, A648 Blending Additive and Aircolor Fade Out Spray.

pack : 1 Ltr, 5 Ltrs

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