Megax M1 Light Grey 5:1

Code : 61084, 61086

Specification :

Multyfiller Express is a two-component acrylic primer filler for bodywork repair. It possesses a high isolating quality and has excellent adhesion to putties, fillers and properly sanded hardened paints. Good high build properties for all day by day repair works (100 micron / coat). Its great thixotropy guarantees no runs on vertical surfaces. It is easy to apply and has excellent sanding properties. It has great versatility as with it can be applied with only simple adjustments on thinning ratio (up to 20%). Its ease in sanding makes it appropriate in hand sanding process (both dry or wet sanding). Generally used with MX503 Standard Hardener 200 and MX 603 Fast Hardener 200. Complimentary product: Roberlo Aircolor Guidex.

pack : 1 Ltr, 4 Ltrs

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