Kit Standard Polisher

Code : LHR 15 ES, LHR 21 ES

Specification :

The LHR 15ES features a massive 15 mm throw (most dual action polishers feature a throw of 8 mm or less). As a result of having a much longer throw, the LHR 15ES increases the effective cutting power of any given pad and polish combination (because the abrasives are worked across a much larger area per oscillation). The net effect of this is that the LHR 15ES does more cutting in less time, but without compromising the needs of the detailer. It has a lightweight low profile body with a beautifully shaped head that is supremely comfortable to grip, and speed controls that are all within easy reach of the main control handle. With its proprietary backing plate and a complementary range of pads, it is a balanced machine that is incredibly smooth and largely free of the horrible vibrations usually associated with dual action polishers. So it can be safely controlled with just one hand (which is useful when polishing large roofs and bonnets) and can be used for lengthy periods without causing hands and fingers to become numb or affected by pins and needles.

pack : 1 pcs, 1 pcs

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