DA-93 Cleaning Degreaser

Code : 61318, 61319

Specification :

DA-93 is a degreaser particularly designed to clean the surfaces to be painted that have the appropriate characteristics for such application. DA-93 is not a very aggressive degreaser, suitable to clean the grease and silicone from the surfaces to be painted, without affecting the degreased surfaces. So, DA-93 is an appropriate product for the cleaning of plastics and eliminates the silicone and waxes that are used as mould release agents. DA-93 is a slow degreaser that allows the surface to be cleaned and dried with a cloth, thereby removing the pollutants from the surface. The new formulation of DA-93 can be removed easier because it is a less grease product what it allows faster works.

pack : 1 Ltr, 5 Ltr

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